Hemma creates fresh, elegant collections using authentic hand-woven Kente, a textile rich in African royal tradition. Kente began to flourish in West Africa in the 17th century and still remains prominent representing social prestige, luxury, and cultural sophistication. Each garment is uniquely handmade from intricately hand-woven Kente imported from Ghana. By incorporating the same techniques used to dress Ghanaian nobility for centuries, Hemma allows each client to exude royalty. By investing in quality pieces that last a lifetime, the lives of Ghanaian school children are also impacted. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to a West African middle school where the designers instructed classes.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Jewelry for the Apocalypse

Delfina Delettrez’s new accessories collection, “My World”, draws its inspiration from the Mayan calendar’s prediction of the world’s rebirth in 2012. With skulls dotted in yellow sapphires and wrapped in lots of gold makes the ominous Mayan prophecy a little less intimidating.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hemma on BET's My Black Is Beautiful

Check out BET’s next episode of My Black is Beautiful airing this Sunday, May 23 at 1PM. Hemma will be featured on the show with stylist Jennifer Austin showing how to incorporate African inspired fashions into your wardrobe. Watch host Alesha Renee as she sports the Sena Dress!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anna Sui: The Book

After twenty years in the fashion industry, Anna Sui has decided to let us all in on her creative process and the road she and her clothing line has traveled since her first runway show. The book, "Anna Sui" will be a visual retrospective of the designers career, with photo spreads paired with indepth commentary that is supposed to give her fans insight th world of Anna Sui.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Perfect for Spring - Hemma's Fashion Spotlight

The collection, although made from authentic kente woven on handmade wooden looms, is incredibly modern and fresh with structured jackets, corsets and dainty shorts with a bold color palette that will look good on anyone...Read more about Hemma on Fashion Spotlight. Buy your Hemma Original today!

1 Horatio Street, NYC 10014 (212) 367-3750

13 Christopher Street, NYC 10014 (212) 924-8515

2312 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd, NYC 10030 (646) 260-1486

Some Odd Rubies
151 Ludlow Street, NYC 10002 (212) 353-1736

107 Crosby Street, NYC 10012 (212) 966-0909

Magical Patters

NYMag has listed some of the top trends they have been spotting in the spring fashion shows and those bright and bold patterns we love at Hemma are taking over many of the catwalks. Versace and Diane von Furstenberg are only two of the top designers we see mix-matching prints and colors. Who else is pulling out the patterns this season?

Gaultier Furniture

Jean Paul Gaultier has long been established as one of the top clothing designers, but now he'll be dressing a different sort of body. Teaming up with luxury French furniture brand Roche Bobois, Gaultier will be presenting furniture pieces that are linked closely to his clothing designs, with all the extravagance and allure we have come to expect from him. As of now, Gaultier has furnished an apartment in Paris' architecture museum, but be sure to keep an eye out because during the next couple of months his pieces will be popping up everywhere.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American High Style

The Brooklyn Museum is celebrating its new relationship with the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a jaw dropping exhibit of some of the Institutes' most renowned costumes within its collection. The exhibit features mannequins dressed in designs from top American women designers such as Bonnie Cashin and Elizabeth Hawes to French designers like Jeanne Lanvin and Christian Dior, all who have major influences on American fashion. This exhibit will be running thru August 1, 2010 so take a day this summer to see some of the fashions that influence all of us!

Where Can You Snag an Elegant Kente Garment in NYC? Fashion Luxx on Hemma

Friday, May 7, 2010

amNY - No Immigrants, No New York

“Dios mio, it would be awful! Living in New York without illegal immigrants! Who’d deliver the Chinese food? Who’d raise the children on the Upper East Side?...That’s the dirty little secret of all this anti-immigrant uproar. Once the ugly speeches are finished and the call-in talk hosts have packed it in for the night, nobody seriously wants to chase off Maria, Sophia or Jose…If they suddenly stopped coming – or federal agents actually rounded them up – we’d have to offer special internships to lure them back immediately.” – Ellis Henican

Although this amNY article simplifies the roles undocumented immigrants play once they arrive in the U.S. beginning with a pun about hypocrisy amongst Arizona’s new legislation supporters, it made me think about how much New York is characterized by undocumented immigrants.
What are your thoughts on where NY and other states would be?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Alain Quilici Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

With sky high heels and cut out platforms, Alain Quilici's summer shoe
 collection brings a fresh new spin to those towering shoes we all love. Taking 
inspiration from architecture and mix-and-matching rich textures of suede and leather make these shoes stand out no matter what. Pair these hot h
eels with the Asante Blazer & Pencil Skirt for an irresistible look!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Always wonder where that chick on the subway found those amazing heels? Check out Stylelikeu, a website that literally goes into the closets of individuals with unique personal style. This site glorifies street fashion and takes it a step farther by going behind the scenes to see what inspires everyday stylish people when they get dressed. Which closets do you think would look great with a piece of Hemma hanging in it?