Hemma creates fresh, elegant collections using authentic hand-woven Kente, a textile rich in African royal tradition. Kente began to flourish in West Africa in the 17th century and still remains prominent representing social prestige, luxury, and cultural sophistication. Each garment is uniquely handmade from intricately hand-woven Kente imported from Ghana. By incorporating the same techniques used to dress Ghanaian nobility for centuries, Hemma allows each client to exude royalty. By investing in quality pieces that last a lifetime, the lives of Ghanaian school children are also impacted. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to a West African middle school where the designers instructed classes.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

NY Times Features Hemma Fashion Week Runway Show

We had a blast at the Hemma Fashion Week Runway Show at Tompkin's Square Park! Check out the full article by The New York Times. If you missed out on our shows, you can check Hemma out during our next runway show this Saturday, October 9th.
La Pomme 37 West 26th Street 8PM RSVP - events@thehemmacollection.com

Rule4080 Hits Hemma's Tompkins Square Park Runway Show

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fedoras... Hemma's Next Accessory?

Originally made for women in the late 1880s fedoras have made a complete 360 in fashion & now they are back again! A little history on them though, in the movie Fedora, the main actress wore a hat similar to what we today call fedoras. Women started wearing them all along East & Middle America. Men wore them mostly because it was an easy way to fight the cold, wind, and rain, and the the tip could be turned up when not in use. They were soon tossed in the fashion trash can when cars became smaller and had no room for these hats. Now we use them as a simple- yet stylish year-round accessory that can put a cool and sexy twist to any outfit. I do believe that we'll be seeing a lot more of these cute little hats in both men and women's fashion for a while. I bet you're wondering if Hemma has a line of fedoras, because you are so interested in having a fedora of your own or enhancing your current collection. Not to worry! Stay posted for our fedoras, they will be coming soon. What do you think of fedoras? Cute, quick piece or something that needs to be left in the past?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

HEMMA on Musiq Soul Child

Check out HEMMA on Musiq Soul Child in his & The Floacist's - latest song called Forever Hemma Ties on sale now!

Fame Addict @ The Waldorf

Fashion Week at The Waldorf!