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Saturday, January 30, 2010

HAITI: Turning a Tragedy into Change

Maybe this disaster in Haiti will finally be an international wake up call for the industrialized countries to stop not only ignoring but also to stop purposely hurting Haiti simply because they were stronger in spirit and might once upon a time.

If you think Haiti became the poorest country in the western Hemisphere w/o some help, please take this opportunity to learn. Every disaster can be an opportunity for change.

Learn about the structural adjustment programs that have kept this small country in such deep debt for decades. One of the most heinous white collar crimes that industrialized countries are getting away with is pushing less industrialized countries into corners where they have few FAIR options and forcing astronomical dedts on these countries that they will never be able to climb out of, thus forcing them into modern day slavery: socio-economic & political servitude is the slavery of the 21st Century. In today's global economy there are many non-military ways of forcing weaker countries to give in to the demands of the more powerful-- more "quiet" ways that kill even more civilians than wars do.

Unless industrialized countries move to absolve these unrealistic loans imposed on under-developed countries such as Haiti, they will not only continue to be ill prepared for any natural disaster that comes their way but be ill prepared to create a stable, healthy and prosperous nation.

Text 90999 to Donate $10 to the Red cross each time you do it. It's easy enough for any of us to do and only takes a minute. Change has always historically been proven to happen not when celebrities, the wealthy or political figures believe in something but when the general public is behind a cause, folks like you or me.

Have we as a country done enough? Have individuals done enough? What do we need to do next? There will be much to do to rebuild in the future, what should be the priorities? What are you planning to do in the next year?

We need sustainable, lasting change in Haiti not just transient media attention.

Watch this NY Times Video to understand some of what is being done and not done!

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