Hemma creates fresh, elegant collections using authentic hand-woven Kente, a textile rich in African royal tradition. Kente began to flourish in West Africa in the 17th century and still remains prominent representing social prestige, luxury, and cultural sophistication. Each garment is uniquely handmade from intricately hand-woven Kente imported from Ghana. By incorporating the same techniques used to dress Ghanaian nobility for centuries, Hemma allows each client to exude royalty. By investing in quality pieces that last a lifetime, the lives of Ghanaian school children are also impacted. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to a West African middle school where the designers instructed classes.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

College Associates Make the World Go 'Round

Maureen Brito has been interning with Hemma throughout Winter break and the Spring semester 09. She has been a huge help and Hemma couldn't have done everything without her! She helped us prep for Hemma's first photo shoot as she already had experience working in the fashion field. The 3 of us chose the props, models, accessories, shoes and the dozens of other things that go into a shoot! Having an intern work for your company is vital to the growth of any new business. It's an added hand, mind and opinion; seeing as how the owners of a business will probably be a bit bias, an intern gives the company a fresh, outside perspective. It is a team effort to build Hemma up into the high-end, luxury brand that it deserves to be and we are getting closer with each day! Interns for Hemma learn what Cindy and I learn beause they get a first hand look into everything we do and plan. It is a very interactive and cooperative experience, not like the usual paper pushing internships. The more Hemma rises, the more we all do. A few ways we went about finding interns:
  1. Posted a listing on Craigslist
  2. Posted a listing on several fashion school websites. You can register as an employer and post ur offer on the institution's career center website.
  3. Ask within your network. We were lucky enough to snatch Maureen up from my friend Adonis, who's in the film industry as a rising star due to his amazing talent in film making and directing. He knew her and set up a meeting for us. The rest is Hemma history.

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